Moroccan Wedding Blanket

$500.00 $400.00

Berber wedding blankets are woven in anticipation of, you guessed it, a wedding, by the bride's female relatives. It can take many hours — even weeks — of work to attach those hundreds of mirrored sequins once the weaving is complete; it is thought that during this collaborative task, the bride's relatives teach her all about the birds and the bees, among other marital duties and expectations. After the wedding ceremony, the bride wears the blanket tied around her neck as a kind of cape. It might be associated with her trip to her new marital home, which could be a chilly ride.

These were handpicked on our trip to Morocco in 2014 and are each one of a kind and vary from the next. The amount of sequins and style will vary slightly.

On average they measure 4' x 6'

* Please note that each looks unique and different