What is it exactly that you do?

I consider myself a scout and a stylist. Trained in interior design I consult for clients in developing their interior spaces whether that is a residence or a commercial project. In conjunction I also consult in prop styling – styling look books and photo shoots. Finally, I also “scout” or look for vintage props and pieces to use for projects – these pieces immediately go to a client or are housed in our brick and mortar in Oklahoma City and listed in the online shop until they find the right home.

Why design? How did you get into this?

I’ve always been a creator and wanted to arrange things – it is really that simple. I meandered my way through school trying to figure out how to utilize my talents and find a profession that fulfilled me and here I am.

How much do you charge for consulting?

It varies based on the scope of the project. Please send us a message to let us know your needs and we will see how we can assist.

Do you hire interns?

Yes, occasionally we are in need for interns. If you would send us a message with your resume we will let you know if we are in need or will simply keep you on file for the future.

Can you help me find a piece that I am looking for?

We can help you find a piece if you can give us parameters, a timeline, and a budget.