Enamel Candle Holder


Add a touch of old world charm to your home or garden. The Enamel Candleholder by Bürstenhaus Redecker features a vintage design reminiscent of days gone by and looks great on any table or nightstand. Featuring a traditional side handle and unique handpainted blue rim, the candleholder can function as a classic decoration or soft lighting source.

Enamel has been held in high regard thanks to its rust free, surface sealing, highly hygenic properties and ease of cleaning. The Enamel Candleholder by Bürstenhaus Redecker is durable and able to withstand long term use without visible wear and tear. The saucer collects excess wax drippings and the holder supports a variety of candle shapes. Measures 5-inches in diameter by 2-1/4-inches high and suitable for use with candles measuring up to 3/4-inch in diameter. For weekly maintenance, use a hot water and dish soap solution, clean with a soft rag or sponge, rinse and air dry. Made in Germany.