Wild Sam Field Guide : Nashville


Part almanac, part urban lore, part best-of, part memoir, the first Wildsam Field Guide focuses on Nashville, Tennessee, once monikered Gunpowder City, origin of cotton candy and Cracker Barrel, northern end point to the Natchez Trace. The field guide explores all of that and more. From illustrated maps of comfort food and music stops, to stories from Rosanne Cash, Tony Earley and Senator Bill Frist, Wildsam digs deep to find the taproots of the Music City.

Inside you'll find a never-published note scribbled by Johnny Cash; the story of Jesse James living on Fatherland Street; a taxonomy of songbirds; the lifespan of the Ryman; Mayo’s fried pies; contents of a Civil War knapsack; a historic look at the Billboard Hot 100; poisonous snakes; debutantes; handmade neckties and Arnold's Country Kitchen; the world's smallest art gallery and Jack White's rolling record store. 

Other contributors include fashion designers Matt and Carrie Eddmenson, musicians Jessie Baylin, Courtney Jaye and Thad Cockrell, chef Tandy Wilson, painter Emily Leonard, architect Nick Dryden, and many others, who bring the city to life inside five sections:

  • a collection of twelve interviews with musicians, artists, politicians, food truckers, outdoorsmen, immigrants, and more
  • a cultural almanac full of newspaper clippings, timelines, scientific data, predictions, lists, historical hearsay, and other curio
  • a series of hand-illustrated maps curated by city locals
  • a superlative list for the best in food, drink, action, expertise, and shopping
  • a section of essays from Rosanne Cash, Tony Earley, J Wes Yoder, and Libby Callaway

The sum of these wild and profound parts mirrors the complexity of the Tennessee capitol. And, hopefully, encourages our own adventures in its rolling hills.