Wild Sam Field Guide : Austin


Austin, Texas. Call it the gateway to the American West. Capitol of the Republic. Home to cosmic cowboys and pit bosses, Sixth Street and Barton Springs. It's the brightest star in Texas – and we can't wait to share its stories with you.  

We've had long conversations with dozens of natives, from hotelier Liz Lambert, editor Evan Smith and Top Chef winner Paul Qui to other amazing locals like a neon artist, a blues club owner,  a portrait photographer, and a former Dallas Cowboy. Our maps scout out the best dive bars, swimming holes, taco trailers, film scenes, and live music. And the Almanac covers a range of heritage, such as armadillos, Lyndon Johnson, Janis Joplin, Texas Rangers, moontowers, SXSW, the tech boom of the 1980’s, the drought, Jack the Ripper, Dazed and Confused, the Whitman shooting of 1966, Willie, and much – much – more. 

Liz Lambert told us, "If you grow up in Texas and you're a little bit different, all paths lead to Austin." We dig that. There's simply no place in America quite like the Lonestar State, and we're deep in the heart of it.